The Neighbor Project Infographics
Data Visualization / Infographics
Design Lead:
Mark Andrew Buenafe
Mark Andrew Buenafe
The Neighbor Project

“Our partnership was successful because of the talent of the TBD* students and Eric's leadership. Mark, our lead student, was organized, professional and a good public speaker. As clients, we felt 'listened to' and that our concerns were heard and addressed. Mark's creativity encouraged us to think bigger and got us even more excited about our project!” —Daphne Magnawa, The Neighbor Project

The Neighbor Project is a non profit organization  based in San Francisco’s Potrero Neighborhood. They believe that when neighbors get to know each other and are connected, civic/social responsibility is cultivated and the neighborhood is strengthened.

The Neighbor Project approached TBD* with the idea of creating a framework for data visualization about Potrero that would be used for site specific installations. We created engaging and accessible and though-provoking set of infographics. The framework considers the input of complex and simple data sets that reflect Potrero Hill.