Elder Care Alliance / “Let’s Redefine Age”
Design Lead:
Zoey Gassner
Zoey Gassner, Janice Salikin, Jacqueline Lau, Vincent Keeffe
Elder Care Alliance

Elder Care Alliance serves seniors and their families in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their first eldercare facility opened in 1907, founded by the Sisters of Mercy. From day one, their mission has been focused on seniors—putting their wellbeing and dignity at the forefront of all they do.

Elder Care Alliance approached TBD* with the task to create a thought-provoking and engaged experience for the California Assisted Living Conference. To achieve this, we created an interactive installation that both disrupts our internalized stereotypes about aging and invites a more honest conversation about what it means to grow older.

“[It was great have all the] quick thinking, the students pitching a bunch of options, and have them take action on them. The dynamic brainstorming sessions were energizing and exciting to be part of!” —Erin Partirdge, Elder Care Alliance