Elder Care Alliance / “Elevate Aging”
Design Lead:
Alexis Elazegui
Alexis Elazegui, Ian Moeser, Jane Lu
Elder Care Alliance

“I felt very listened-to by the student designers--they demonstrated a grasp of the tone and vision for the project and were able to create something far beyond what we had imagined at the project proposal stage.” —Erin Partridge. Elder Care Alliance

Elder Care Alliance serves seniors and their families in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their first eldercare facility opened in 1907, founded by the Sisters of Mercy. From day one, their mission has been focused on seniors—putting their wellbeing and dignity at the forefront of all they do.

Elder Care Alliance approached TBD* with the task of creating a campaign that changes the way we think and speak about aging and older adults. This campaign would be shared within the elder care community and also be made available to the public. To accomplish this, we used language based on the responses collected from spring 2018’s TBD* x Elder Care Alliance installation at California Assisted Living Conference to proudly reflect the positive experiences of aging.