Branding System
Design Lead:
Elizabeth See
Elizabeth See, Mariana Madero

“The TBD students developed a beautiful and useful way of branding our very new program. It was a wonderful way to get help we really needed and to learn a bit more about CCA and how their students think about the world.” — Phaedra Bell,GBHI/UCSF

MISCI is a new, evidence-informed program that pairs younger adults with older people screened for loneliness and social isolation to build a relationship through a creative project they choose to complete together during regular meetings over the course of three months. Led by Phaedra Bell, MISCI’s goal is to raise awareness of loneliness as a health issue. Tackling the problem through different programs, MISCI bridges the gaps between generations as a means to bringing people together and helping them overcome loneliness.

MISCI approached TBD* with the idea of crafting a branding identity that helps promote loneliness as a health issue. We created an identity system that connotes a sense of community through participation and evokes a sense of joy and warmth that the participants feel when enrolled in the program.